How to choose an architect.

We have been approached by potential clients in many different ways including word of mouth, recommendations from past clients or builders, google search, and RIBA find an architect.

Selecting the perfect architect for your project

It is important that you meet your architect prior to making your selection, rather than making your decision based on costs only.

You will work with your architect for a number of months, sometimes over 12 months from the design phase until the end of the construction, and some clients will continue working with their architect for years building a working relationship to use on all of their projects. It is therefore important that you feel you will be able to work together for a long period of time.

You need to like your architect, as you will welcome them into your life, home or business and you need to be on the same page. Your architect needs to understand you, your family or business; the way you want to use your building and what you want to achieve. They need to consider your taste, your likes and dislikes, and your priorities and you need to feel that you can ask questions if you are unsure or if do not understand.

You will get the best out of working with an architect if you are open-minded, allow them to guide you, take their advice and you are both patient with each other.

If you are choosing your architect from a shortlist then have a look at their previous designs, do you like their style? Do they create wow-factor? Were they enthusiastic about your project? When evaluating multiple fee proposals, check if they are a true comparison of services. Make sure you understand the whole process, what is and isn’t included. Remember, it isn’t always about choosing the cheapest quotation, as you get what you pay for.

If you haven’t found an architect through a friend, family or colleague recommendation, then view their testimonials, ask to speak to their previous clients, or see some of their drawings or portfolio.

A third of our projects have already been worked on by previous architects, and the client has decided not to continue working with them. Reasons can include not being able to work together, refused planning applications, slow progress, or not meeting their requirements. So, meet the architect, ask them questions, make sure you like them, and they understand you and your requirements.


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