One 5-bedroom detached eco-home located in Greenmount Ramsbottom on a greenbelt site. The brief was to create a large ‘wow-factor’ home which included a playroom, games room, family room, and underground garage, with a modest budget and low running costs.

bowstone eco house

Bowstone House is a new build eco-house, located within greenbelt in the area of Greenmount, Ramsbottom. The client’s brief was to demolish the existing stables, agricultural building and other out-buildings and create their dream 5-bedroom family home. The site constraints included not exceeding the volume of the buildings which were being demolished; and minimising the height to ensure the building does not have a greater impact on the openness than the demolished buildings.

The final design is a 2-storey family home, with the lower level built underground. The building has been designed to appear as a single storey building from the approach. The proposal includes 5 bedrooms; a double height kitchen family room; playroom; games room and underground garage. The home has been designed with an optimum layout and orientation which maximises natural light, insulation and air tightness to ensure the building has minimal running costs.


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