A zero-carbon, 100% affordable housing scheme located in Lancashire. The 46 modular homes across the site include a mix of apartments and family homes, designed to create a sustainable community.  Building for Humanity are a self-funded homeless and low income charity who provide support, accommodation and services to people on low income, homeless or ex-military personnel.

The brief was to create a benchmark project as the first net zero carbon social housing scheme in the Borough. The project aims to set an important precedent for the future of affordable housing schemes by being mindful of the energy consumption in both the construction and use of each building.

The project incorporates sustainable systems such as modular timber-frame construction, using recycled materials, solar roofing, a site-wide sustainable heating system, and high levels of insulation and air-tightness. The scheme has been designed to be an uplifting place for people to live, maximising natural light, natural landscaping and natural materials. The properties have been designed to create a safe family environment across the full site, with both private and communal garden spaces, features of which include a community hub for training, community growing spaces, a central pedestrianised open space; and a children’s play space.


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