May 2022 . Studio News

Triple Win for ZMA

May 2022 . Studio News

Triple Win for ZMA

The team at ZMA have done it again and scored a planning hat trick for three sensitive sites.

Three sensitive planning applications were approved in three different local authorities for three unique projects, all in the same month – quite an achievement for ZMA.

Approval One

This is a super home in the rural open countryside of the Ribble Valley. Our clients currently live on the site in a converted barn, which had been adapted over time and lost its agricultural aesthetic.

Our clients love their site and garden which experiences the most magnificent hillside views across the Ribble Valley. However, they wanted to adapt their home to future-proof the property for themselves, and their family to create an outstanding home with everything they could want from a property.

Our clients have a large family-run local business and are passionate about promoting sustainable business practices, and they decided now is the time to integrate sustainable living into their own personal home.

The proposed design replaces their existing property with a three-storey contemporary, rural home which references the original building but incorporates contemporary features and meets the highest levels of sustainability.

The property is an ‘upside-down house’ with the living spaces on the middle floor connecting to the existing high-level garden. The design includes a hidden courtyard with a swimming pool, gym, bar, living spaces and office wrapping around the courtyard.

Various different outdoor terraces have been incorporated to allow the clients to blend indoor and outdoor living despite the weather.

Approval Two

Another lovely home, this time located in the Chorley greenbelt. An existing bungalow currently stands on the site, which our clients have lived in for the last 21 years and has been slowly adapted over time to suit their needs.

However, the house had reached the extension limitations for a dwelling on a greenbelt site, and is now in need of a full refurbishment, reconfiguration and extension to accommodate our client’s living requirements.

The most suitable option to increase the size of the property, whilst complying with greenbelt planning policy, was to replace the existing dwelling with a high-quality, contemporary, sustainable home.

The new dwelling includes a variety of open plan living spaces, a games room, bar, a large open plan home office, double-height spaces, double-height sliding glass wall to the garden, panoramic views of the open countryside, wrap-around balconies and sun terraces and a sunken, outdoor, entertaining terrace with fire pit.

Approval Three

This is an extension to a house in the greenbelt of Hawkshaw, Bury. This scheme included an existing three-storey property which had an old cottage out-building and had been identified as a Non-Designated Heritage Asset.

The clients wanted to completely re-design the existing dwelling to work for their family of three children who are all under the age of seven and to include an annexe for their elderly parents.

The proposal connects the cottage to the main house and incorporates within the accommodation of the main house. The design sensitively re-builds the derelict cottage and attaches it to the main house via a glazed link entrance.

Our clients are quite literally over the moon and are very excited about the next stages when their proposals will be transformed into reality.

If you have a sensitive site with big aspirations, get in touch to discuss your project in further detail.