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Please see below the project types we offer at ZMA.

Bespoke Luxury Homes

We specialise in high-quality architectural homes which incorporate our client’s personal requirements to accommodate their lifestyles, family and friends such as leisure suites, entertaining spaces, spa and wellness zones, indoor-outdoor living spaces, creating homes with the very best features of contemporary luxury living.


‘Paragraph 80’ Homes

The ‘Paragraph 80’ home is an isolated home in the open countryside or greenbelt which complies with paragraph 80 of the NPPF for the design to be of exceptional quality in that is truly outstanding or innovative, reflecting the highest standards in architecture, and would help to raise standards of design more generally in rural areas, significantly enhancing its immediate setting, and being sensitive to the defining characteristics of the local area.

Eco Homes

All of our new-build homes are designed with sustainability as a key driver. Eco-homes are designed to minimise energy usage and a reduced carbon footprint. Features can include ground source heat pumps, MVHR heating and ventilation systems, rainwater collection, solar panel energy generation, battery storage, sustainable drainage systems and high levels of insulation and air-tightness. Homes can be designed to PassivHaus, or zero-carbon neutral specific to the clients requirements and budget.



Many of our clients are self-building their own properties, either project managing the build, building the property themselves or appointing a main contractor to undertake the project. Our clients have varying budgets, styles and priorities so every brief is tailored to each individual client.

Existing Home / Property Reconfiguration and Extensions

Many of our projects involve transforming existing buildings such as re-configuring or extending existing homes to improve the functionality, and create amazing spaces with wow-factor. You may need to increase the scale and quality of the property, add further accommodation, or adapt your home for your family’s changing needs, ultimately to add value and transform how you live in your home.



We are passionate about working with businesses across the North-West to create environments which work for their specific purpose. We have worked with community groups such as Burnley FC in the Community; and businesses such as Tailor Made Resourcing, Playdor Nuseries and ICS Prestige.

Residential Developments

Major housing developments involve 10 or more dwellings on a single site (depending on the Local Authority). We work with numerous developers who build properties at all levels of scale and affordability from affordable social housing schemes to luxury gated developments, across numerous Local Authorities.


Master Planning

When creating a masterplan proposal we develop a detailed understanding of the local area, site and what people need. It is paramount that new developments integrate with the existing community whilst creating contemporary buildings to live, work and play.

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